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Top 10 St. Louis Creations

St. Louis has created many foods that you can now find all over the country, and some iconic foods that you can only find in the surrounding areas. In this post, we will be going through some of these foods and their origins.

1.) Toasted Ravioli – The Toasted Ravioli is a St. Louis staple that you can find at almost any Italian restaurant or bar in the area. It is just a regular ravioli but deep-fried. It is said that it was found by accident at Angelo’s Pasta House, when a cook accidentally dropped the ravioli in hot oil rather than water.

2.) Waffle Cones – This one surprises most people. However, the waffle cone was created at the 1904 World’s Fair. Rumor has is the creator ran out of normal cones, and tried to make his own which led to this invention.

3.) St. Louis Style Pizza – A thin crusted pizza with Provel ™ Cheese, round and cut into squares. No one really knows who created this. However, many claim to have.

4.) The Concrete – Ted Drewes Frozen Custard mixed with candy, fruit, and/or nuts.  A history back to 1929 with the two remaining locations here from 1931 (Grand) and 1941 (historic Route 66). When Dairy Queen couldn’t buy it they came up with their very poor imitation the Blizzard.

5.) Gooey Butter Cake –  legend has it that in the 1930s a German baker got the proportions wrong and the rest is history.

6.) Peanut Butter – Many people attribute this to George Washington Carver. However,  In 1890, an unknown St. Louis physician encouraged a food products company owner, George A. Bayle Jr., to process and package ground peanut paste as a nutritious protein substitute for people with poor teeth who couldn’t chew meat.

7.) The Gerber Sandwich – This sandwich was created at Ruma’s Deli. It is an open-faced sandwich consisting on a half section of Italian or French bread, spread with garlic butter and topped with ham, and Provel or Provolone cheese, seasoned with a sprinkling of paprika and then toasted.

8.) The Slinger – This is a hamburger smothered with eggs, hash browns, chili and cheese. The perfect breakfast meal.

9.) St. Louis Style Pork Ribs – These ribs are often slow-cooked for several hours, which provides a full-flavored and tender meat. The ribs are seasoned with a dry rub while cooking and can be topped with barbecue sauce as well.

10.) Pork Steaks – I didn’t know this was original to St. Louis. But, apparently it is.

Next time you’re in St. Louis you have to try these 10 items.

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