Food Challenges

Strategies on How to Expand your Stomach

Food Challenges can be impossible to complete if you don’t go in with preparation beforehand. Expanding your stomach is arguably the most important aspect of this preparation. If you don’t expand your stomach to the right size, you will not be able to complete the challenge. In this post, we will look into how you can expand your stomach with food. (Warning: Expanding your stomach can be dangerous)


The first thing you want to do is set the date and time for your competition. Ideally, you will plan a week ahead of time. You want to give yourself time to expand your stomach as well as giving the restaurant time to get ready for your attempt.

The first few days you are going to want to eat a little more than you typically do. Ideally, two smaller meals and one giant meal. However, you are not trying to max out just yet. It is best to eat a small breakfast and then a large lunch. Another, important thing to do is to keep these large meals at the same time in the day. When you do this you let your body adapt to the larger amounts. By doing this for the first two days you will be ready for the third step of expansion.

The next few days you want to eat two large meals.These larges meals are going to be the same size as your one large meal earlier in the day. With these meals you want to spread them out. Meaning that you want to eat one early lunch and one late dinner. In this step you are still not maxing out. However, once you complete this step you will be ready to max out.

The last step of preparation is maxing out. Your max out meal is ONE meal. It should be scheduled 18-22 hours before the competition. This gives your body the time to digest the food from your max out meal. By the time of the challenge your body will be basically empty. Some foods you should eat in this max out meal are fruits and vegetables, rather than meats. Fruits and vegetables are high and fiber and low in calories so they are easier to digest. When you are maxing out you want to push yourself to the limit, but it is important that you don’t go over the limit. If you do you may throw up and hurt your chances of performing well.

So, next time you want to try a food challenge make sure you expand your stomach before. But, make sure you do it safely. (Below watch a video of Joey Chestnut’s stomach after his Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Championship)

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