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Telegraph Rd Restaurants

In Oakville, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, lies a busy road. This is the last exit you will pass on the way to Illinois and the first on you will see on the way into Missouri. This Road is called Telegraph Rd. On Telegraph you will find some of my favorite places to dine.

Bill Gianino’s

Bill Gianino’s is the best Italian restaurant in all of Oakville. It is also the fanciest restaurant on Telegraph, so it is a good place to go for special events. My favorite item at Bill Gianino’s is the Carbonara. If you are ever in Oakville and are craving some Italian food, you have to try Bill Gianino’s

The Oakville Sports Pub

The Oakville Sports Pub is my favorite bar/restaurant in Oakville. For starters it is the best place to watch a sports game. They have TV’s every where, and whenever there is a major game on, all of Oakville goes there to watch it. They also have good food. My favorite thing to get there is the steak sandwich on garlic cheese bread.


Garvey’s is a place you would never find if you don’t live in Oakville. It is tucked away behind a flower shop and an Insurance Agency. However, once you find it you will tell everyone you know. They have the best “trashed” wings in all of St. Louis, and on top of that they have some of the best St. Louis style pizza. You can never go wrong with Garvey’s.

Cafe Telegraph

This is the best place to go for Barbecue or just to change it up. At Cafe Telegraph they name their menu items after local Catholic grade schools and high schools. This makes you have an instant connection with the place. Also, the portion sizes are very generous, so it’s a great place to go if you’re very hungry.

These aren’t the only restaurants on Telegraph. However, they are some of my favorites that I think everyone should try if they are in the area.

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